5 Day Makeup Course


The course will include:
-Materials required for duration of the training
-Assessment form
-Skin preparation
-Foundation selection & application
-Blusher techniques
-Highlighting & contouring (basic & heavy)
-Smoky makeup techniques
-Traditional Asian bridal makeup
-Contemporary bridal makeup
-Cut crease eyeshadow techniques
-Pigment eyeshadows
-Glitter application
-Eyelash application and sizing
-Product list
-Hairstyles (including volumised curls, bridal updo’s & vintage)
-Cleaning equipment
-Assessment day
*28 days retain period; this will provide students with 28 days from the training to return free of charge to a recap
(one-off 30 min booking)



Course Fee: £1350.00
Accreditation: Yes
Course duration: 5 days depending on experience*